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    Public Builds
    SEER jujuJujuso'rkaby TaekwondoBoy
    monk2Hephaestus Machine+by Goett
    MonkHephaestus Machine+by Goett
    PantherPantherby red395
    Hotrod MessupHotrod+by Camsy
    DreadGunnerEarthforce Dreadnoughtby red395
    darks ship of doomEarthforce Battlecruiserby darkdestroyer
    darks ship of doomby darkdestroyer
    WattageWattageby Jasonr
    DPS PWave HydraPoseidon Waveby Ingendum
    DM begginerPax Astronomicaby sakho0or
    NonfailSeerDeath Strikerby IrishK
    Starter PvAiDeath Strikerby Shaeuldur
    deleFaranji Wingshipby JAK
    Sniper on a BudgetEquanimizerby suppishdude2
    Sniper on a BudgetIZerby suppishdude2
    JoachimLionby Joachim
    Therotical RhinoRhinoby franke456
    test2Vultureby TuD
    SniperAbsentisby asassainscreed
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