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    Public Builds
    panther BSPantherby TheShaftOfDiscipline
    Stabberz's Prawn SetupPrawnby FracOMac
    hm dmHephaestus Machineby potato8
    AWCAres War Chariotby liquid death
    Travel GhostyChristmas Spiritby XanDarkHeart
    Gunner/Zerk SoloZebraby XanDarkHeart
    ritesnipeWattageby Mr Popup
    zebra gunnerZebraby lordjeroen
    Sniper???by benxx10
    SpearheadSpearheadby TJ3003
    Panther GunnerPantherby treygrey1
    Test SniperAbsconditusby Cstrike26
    BS HPSBattle Sphereby lordjeroen
    uber HPSHephaestus Machineby lordjeroen
    Wattage ZerkWattageby alex321
    pantherPantherby xxxx1467
    Test T 12 Wing4Wingship IVby xxxx1467
    Test T14 Speed Demon Spearheadby xxxx1467
    ERx2 BSTBule by andezrhode2
    The PhantomDeath Striker+by The_Evil_One
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