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    Public Builds
    F2P ShMTestudoby Prolex
    Elec TemperingEquaminizerby Prolex
    iorcaby gorilla
    DumbGoldenboy Barby Irov
    sniper Absentisby dadadad
    UrQa f2p SD buildUrQa Suqqa Vazukby Panzer55
    Seer PantherPantherby Ingendum
    AbscondAbsconditusby TheWhiteKnight
    Basic energizerEarthforce Dreadnoughtby brendon867
    TestDeath Strikerby GreenDragon
    Emp beheEmperor's Behemothby Zerendalus
    Sniper Wattage 1Wattageby Coneberrie
    Pos wave TestPoseidon Waveby brendon867
    behemothBehemothby red395
    F2P Engineer TestudoTestudoby Durfingle
    Top Tier Travel ShipHephaestus Machine+by searedtuner
    Sing SphereSingularity Sphereby Daedalus
    lolArgeiphontes Hermesby kanescreed
    ShM 4Paxian Battle Frigateby searedtuner
    PaxPax Astronomicaby Nuke
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