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    Welcome to, the number 1 player resource for Star Sonata. The main features of this site include:
    • • Our Item Database. Maintained by players and influenced by the reputation of contributors; it is continually up to date.
    • • The ship builder! Create theoretical setups and have all the rough calculations done out for you!
    • • Search our Trade Center, and find the items you wish to buy.
    • • Check out our interactive Universe Map! Its automatically generated at the start of each universe.

    Sever Migration Finished
    10 May 2012 03:43
    Welcome to our new speedy server, should make the site must faster as a whole! If you notice any issues that popped up in the move, please let me know so I can get them fixed asap.
    Ship Builder launching soon
    04 Oct 2011 04:39
    The Ship Builder is getting close to the point where I will be releasing it for use to the general community.

    While this is great news to many people who don't even know about the site yet, I have noticed that a lot of people testing/using it currently have not bothered to properly set their permissions! If I see any build that obviously looks like it should be private when it comes time to launch I will force it to closed, but otherwise at launch any setup set to "public" will be view-able to the general playerbase.

    To anyone not on SBP that is viewing this, I hope to make the builder available sometime in the next week. Look forward to it!
    New Hosting!
    14 Apr 2011 17:40
    I'm happy to announce that is no longer hosted on a old half-broken laptop shoved under my bed!

    For many people, this should result in a significant increase in speed on the site. Also, no more downtime whenever someone bumps the plug out of the wall :)
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